Digital Marketing that goes above & beyond

When it comes to making a digital splash, it takes more than advertising. That's why we provide you with a dedicated team that's uniquely suited to your business goals and technical needs, whatever they may be — let’s bring them to life, digitally!

How we
get your
work done


Meet Over Coffee

In all relationships, communication is key. We will immerse ourselves in everything that makes your company tick, so that we can create relevant project goals for your unique strategy.


Plan your success

Following the initial meet-up, we will create an in-depth strategic plan that outlines your project goals, milestones and priorities.


Develop the dream

Our team will then visualize your concepts, give builds to your strategy and bring your advertising dream to life by creating all the pieces needed to achieve your project.


Test for quality

To ensure the best outcome, we will carry out a number of tests in different environments before going live.


Lift off

We will present your bespoke project to the public. This can be done in a number of engaging ways.


From a unique and effective creative process, to excellent design, Iquinta didn't disappoint. I recommend them without reservation.

Nelson AsiimweMukwano Safaris, Ltd.


We've got the drive to give you more than you bargained for and the creativity to bring your dream project to reality. Let's work together to make it happen.

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We're not defined by the revenue we generate, but by the positive impact we create in the world.

In addition, our collective expertise gets our clients the results they want, through unique strategy and implementation.

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Our Biggest Strength

They say that team work makes the dream work and we believe that 100 %. Our dedicated team inspires trust and will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Reach out for a chat and we'll see how to make it happen.